A very special edition of Shakespeare at Home called SHAKESPEARE’S 400 FOR 4 will allow you to discover more about the First Folio than ever before as we mark the 400th birthday on the 8th November 2023.  As you know we use the First Folio at Shakespeare at Home as the foundation for all of the activities we produce for you courtesy of the Bodleian First Folio so we are excited to celebrate this with you.  
Special events are taking place all around the world and more information can be found by visiting our friends at Folio 400 - Printing Shakespeare who are leading the celebrations.  
Folio 400 is dedicated in gratitude to the 400th birthday of this foundational book on the 8th November 2023.  
You will find an array of resources at Folio 400 dedicated to the First Folio including a detailed step-by-step history of how it came to be published seven years after Shakespeares death, the key people and events that made it possible along with audio and video from some very well known actors and scholars keeping Shakespeares legacy at the forefront today.  
Folio 400 will take you into the Renaissance world shoulder to shoulder with some of the most famous characters in literary history.
Have fun and fare thee well!
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