Shakespeare at Home is a non-profit that provides free activities to engage with Shakespeare's work and the Renaissance world. We will never ask for personal information, and there is no need to join up, register, or subscribe at any point. 
Adobe hosts and encrypts all of your activities, and the easiest way to see them is via the free Adobe Reader.
This website, as well as all of your activities, is dyslexia friendly. All of your activities are designed to be used by both left and right-handed people, and they're all print-friendly to save ink. 
In order to save ink, we also recommend choosing print in grayscale and choosing recycled paper
Simply print each exercise onto recycled paper or card; however, if you are using double-sided printing, remember to deselect that option when prompted before printing your activity. 
We provide additional educational resources which are more accesible to read in closer detail on an electronic device. In order to save on paper they don't need to be printed unless you want too. 
Once you have printed your activity follow the directions for each one in turn and have fun completing them.
We publish new activites throughout the year.
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