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I created Shakespeare at Home for all ages to participate with William Shakespeare's work and the Renaissance world in a fun and interesting way at home, for during, but - beyond the pandemic.  These modest and challenging free activities are designed for both left and right handed users, fonts are selected to be dyslexia friendly and are also print friendly to save on ink at home.  Your sound and movement activities are designed for everyone, I know personally how mobility issues can try and restrict us, and regardless of your age or the level of your mobility, whatever you can do is enough, I urge you - have a go.
New activities are frequently added including word searches, maths problems, craft and colouring activites, movement exercises and sound.  There is something for everyone to share together dig into and mine.
Shakespeare at Home is free for you to use and free from advertising.  No personal information is required to download your free activities, no subscription is needed and there is no sign up or registration. 
Whether you have an existing relationship with Shakespeare or you are new to his works or just like puzzles, welcome, I hope - you enjoy them.
I want to know how you get on and I would love to receive your emails using the contact form on this  website or you can write me a letter, posting it to the address listed on the contact page of this website.  I reply to every correspondence received, I do - look forward to hearing from you.  On social media, we are now officially on Instagram, you can find us @ShakespeareAtHome - this is our only social media platform. You must ask permission of the account holder to use social media where age restrictions apply.
Engaging with Shakespeare’s language and world, I hope, will provoke a curiosity within you - as it did when I was a child. Shakespeare, is - all of us. As one of my teachers once told me while studying at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, ‘When you take one step toward Shakespeare he takes two steps towards, you.’  How true.
Click Shakespeare's quill below to enter the Renaissance world, have fun and fare thee well! 
- Warmest, 
Neil Alan Bell
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